#We recently celebrated BEC’s incorporation of a wholly owned LLC (Limited Liability Company) subsidiary in the United States.

Coinciding with an easing of stage 3 restrictions, we were able to hold an intimate socially-distanced 4th of July gathering of Brisbane-based design luminaries with similar international experience, including Rhonan O’Brien (Mode), Lawrence Toaldo (Conrad Gargett), Liam Proberts (Bureau Proberts) & Peter Edwards (Archipelago). Together with BEC’s John Tuxworth, Zac Lemon, Dan Adler, Chandler Tuxworth, & Sean Quilty, the exemplary company, along with some fine cuisine & libations facilitated much-needed respite & reset during challenging times.

Up to 45% of our consultancy work per annum is international. Our most recent successes have been in the US market, with project works in San Antonio, Omaha, San Jose, Colorado Springs, Little Italy, Denver, Phoenix, Tampa, New York & Los Angeles (LAX Airport). We apply our international experience & innovations to Australian projects, providing an enhanced multi-discipline consultancy service – with client prioritisation afforded by an Australian based & owned practice.

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are unfortunately far from over, & the USA continues to work through a multitude of other issues. Let’s hope in the near future that we can emerge as a global-nation, improved, more attuned, & sensitive to all life in the fragile ecosystem which supports us.