emerg1LAVA stands for Laboratory for Visionary Architecture. The practice was founded by Chris Bosse, Tobias Wallisser and Alexander Rieck in 2007, and has contributed to internationally recognised developments such as the Beijing Water Cube (in association with PTW CCDI ARUP).

Our team provided structural design support for this sculptural exhibition piece entitled Digital Origami.

The shelter is a concept for an inhabited molecule. Based on a water-molecule, it references the Japanese Metabolist movement’s idea of prefabricated capsules as living space. The base molecule is shipped as a flat pack and the interior carved out of locally available materials.

A scale model featured in the Emergency Shelter exhibition, in Sydney in 2011, and then was also exhibited in the same year for the Sydney Architecture Festival. The installation was a favourite at both events, with attendees drawn to – and into – the nurturing organic interior.