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Blending Environment and Purpose

childrensmuseum_entry_20150517New York based architectural firm Dror has built a reputation for producing designs and ideas that push boundaries, and this one is no different.

The master-plan project is a design for a Children’s Museum in Istanbul, nestled in amongst the famous Faith Forest. The Dror team has taken the term “nestled” to the next level, designing a structure that will allow the forest to reclaim the museums space by growing right over the top.


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Free Electric Energy Bicycle

1Can you imagine life without electricity? What about electricity without the cost?

Manoj Bhargava is the founder of the Free Electric hybrid bicycle, a device which claims to be able to power a regional house for 24 hours only after 1 hour of cycling charge.

The machine is designed to improve the lives of India’s poorer lower class, by empowering them with a highly efficient and inexpensive power generation tool that is easy to operate.

Take a look at the promotional video.


The Tiny House Company

interior2Here at BE Collective we believe sustainability exists not only in the responsible use of resources, but also in the responsible use of space. One company that understands this well is The Tiny House Company – who aim to create truly compact, fully functioning and transportable dwellings without sacrificing life style or architectural beauty.

Their recent project, aptly named Tiny House is a visually appealing mobile housing solution that offers an amazing amount of functionality considering it only occupies 18 square metres. Featuring a composting toilet, an on board grey water filtration system and a grease trap prepared for use with solar panels, the Tiny House moves residents off the grid.

Repurposed Australian hardwood and clever use of space make for an aesthetically (and environmentally) pleasing space, with ample ventilation and an abundance of natural light.

‘We think there’s absolutely no need for air conditioning in this house, but if people choose to use it, at least it can be used efficiently in such a small, well insulated space’ says Andrew Carter of The Tiny House Company.

If the sustainable build or potential savings on your electricity bill don’t convince you, take a look at the walkthrough video.

To read more about The Tiny House Company and their recent Tiny House project  click here.


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Song Saa – Eco Island

2Rory and Melita Hunter are the proud owners of Song Saa, a private island hotel offering luxury holiday accommodation for the environmentally conscious.

Nestled in amongst the Koh Rong Archipelago of Cambodia, the resort boasts horizon pools, beautiful outdoor dining options and a stunning view; but it’s the resorts commitment to social and environmental philanthropy that has caught the interest and imagination of the BE Collective team.

In addition to establishing Cambodia’s first protected marine reserve, the Song Saa Foundation has worked to educate locals on environmental sustainability issues, creating and installing compost toilet facilities, growing organic seasonal produce, even repurposing a Cambodian fishing vessel into a mobile teaching and learning centre.

Rory and Melita hope the project will serve as an exemplar and trend setter within the luxury travel industry, setting the bar high in terms of socially and environmentally sustainable development.


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