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Helensvale Rail Slab Inspection

Project No: 6915

Our Helensvale Rail project was a forensic inspection and 3rd party review of a slab which had exhibited cracking. The site contractors noticed some surface crazing post-pour; small cracks which widened substantially as time passed. Our site inspection found that the slab in question – the final concrete pour of five using the same concrete batch – had been delayed due to the possible onset of rain. The sub-base material was also sodden due to rain in the days leading up to the pour.

We found that the slab’s jointing was ineffective and the saw-through joints were too shallow, which resulted in shrinkage cracking. We also identified 3m long, hairline longitudinal cracking which may have been due to flexural stress due to trafficking across a weak/sodden sub-base or the tapered slab base on one side.


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Stannard Street Townhouses

Project No: 6633

The Stannard St project consisted of 18 townhouses built on a single suspended ‘floor’ over a floodplain. The suspended ground floor extends over most of the lot, forming a new ‘ground level’ upon which the townhouses are built.  A previous structural engineer had provided a design that was shown to be inadequate for the required loads, particularly in the driveway crossover which was only designed to carry light vehicles and would not allow commercial vehicles such as removalist trucks access.

We provided Design and Documentation for Structural and Hydraulic Variations as a supplement to existing documentation. We revised the driveway and suspended ground floor design inclusive of setout and design for sub-floor columns and piers.

Our revised design increased the size of foundational columns, which allowed the total number of columns to be reduced, providing faster construction and reduced total weight and cost of steel required.  We also recommended alternative anchors for baseplates which reduced cost and increased construction speed; and precast hollow core slab which again reduce time on site and simplified onsite logistics. We also streamlined the hydraulics design for a cheaper and easier construction.


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Callide Creek Bridge Investigation

Project No: 6992

The BEC team were asked to undertake a forensic investigation of the new Callide Creek Bridge in Biloela. The S40 concrete mix exhibited low compressive strength in the relieving slabs, and low 7-day compressive strengths on the piling mix. The concrete test results came in at 38mpa, just under the Main Road’s required 40mpa, bringing into question the building’s strength and durability.  BEC were called in by the concrete supplier who were faced with the possibility of having to demolish and reconstruct the entire structure free of charge if their concrete was proven to be inadequate.

The BEC Team analysed batch records, compressive strengths test results and NCR findings. BEC’s investigation found that following the concrete pour, the test samples were transported over 500kms in unstable conditions (while curing) to the facility where they were tested, which likely impacted its strength. Following our full analysis, the BEC Team assessed that the concrete on site was sufficient to provide the strength and building life expected, and we provided a letter of support for our client which enabled them to avoid rebuilding at their own expense.


2018’s Electric Vehicle Conference & Expo

BEC was proud to attend this year’s Electric Vehicle Conference & Expo, held in Brisbane on the 9th & 10th of November.

We were thrilled by the event’s ‘electric’ atmosphere, and the industry-encompassing spread of products & presentations. The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre was ‘positively charged’ with passionate EV owners, enthusiasts, investors, professionals, and public servants.

Puns aside; there were a few standout presenters & products that we feel are worth giving a shout out here; including Tritium, Fast Cities Australia, and SEA Electric. Strangely Tesla was not in attendance – at least not via a sponsorship or presentation on the Friday.  

The event was both exciting & inspiring, and we can’t wait for the next.  We’re always behind moving things in a greener direction, which comes through in everything from our projects to our own office (our shiny new solar panels could keep an office Model S charged right?)


United Petroleum, Umina

Project No: 6852 & 6619

Our United Umina project was completed in two stages as two different projects. For stage 1, our client was United Petroleum who we provided DA support and a site-based stormwater management plan for.  

We stepped in on the project again in stage two, this time we were contracted by the project’s builder and provided full detailed design.  The service station required more than the usual copy-and-paste canopy design due to the diagonal positioning on the fuel pumps; we instead employed steel truss framing for the canopy and a tailored design for the main building to suit its dual tenancy intention.